Biden to Putin: End the War

Biden to Putin: End the War

( – President Joe Biden visited Warsaw, Poland, on February 20, delivering an address aimed at Russian President Vladimir Putin. This came one day after Biden’s surprise visit to Kyiv, Ukraine, during which he promised Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky half a billion dollars and a treasure trove of war artillery with which to fight Russia.

Using the pronunciation of the Ukrainian capital that became socially mandatory on the US left overnight when the war broke out, Biden said, “Kyiv stands tall” and “free.”

Biden threatened the Russian leader with the specter of NATO, saying that the organization and its allies were stronger than ever, and implied that Putin was a “weak” autocrat destined to fail against what Biden called strong “democracies.”

Perhaps in an attempt to thread the needle, Biden then said the US and its allies were not seeking to destroy Russia. But Putin needs to stop the invasion of Ukraine if he wants the war to end, Biden said.

Otherwise, Biden stated that a “worldwide coalition of more than 50 nations” would continue to support Ukraine against Russia.

During his Warsaw address, President Biden talked up the sanctions the US has placed on Russia. He said, “we made sure Russia is paying the price for its abuses,” and that the US sanctions against Russia were the biggest in history and would get even bigger next week.

Biden’s talk also featured the word “accountability,” another newly popular term adopted seemingly overnight by leftists about two years ago. The term was first re-popularized by hard-left social groups and activists known colloquially as the “woke.”

The US President’s speech seemed to have multiple or shifting audiences in mind. He alternated between speaking directly to Vladimir Putin in an aggressive manner and giving the assembled Polish audience “red meat” talking points.

Biden said Putin “doubts” the strength and commitment of the US and its allies for the Ukrainian cause but that he would find out that resolve was real.

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