Biden: OPEC Move Shows Need for Green Energy

Biden: OPEC Move Shows Need for Green Energy

( – President Joe Biden issued a joint statement with the European Union on April 3, stating that recent moves by oil-producing countries to raise prices show the need for the West to move to “green” or renewable energy.

The same day, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) announced they would cut production. When this happens, crude oil becomes more scarce and thus more expensive. This raises the price of everything derived from crude oil, including gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and kerosene.

The White House’s joint statement with the European Union said “clean energy” is necessary for “energy security.” Beneath the euphemistic labels, advocates of “clean” energy are mainly talking about energy made from solar and wind farms. “Energy security” in plain English means the ability of a nation to heat its homes and power its cars.

The decommissioning of nuclear plants and the European rush to build “renewable” energy such as solar farms—which only work when the sun is out—has left Europeans with staggering heating prices as the Russian war against Ukraine disrupts traditional energy supplies.

The White House statement said its “Task Force” is trading information with Europe to hasten the adoption of the kinds of appliances considered “clean.” These include replacing traditional furnaces with heat pumps, installing “smart” home thermostats, and “awareness-raising activities among consumers.”

In other words, they’re advertising to convince citizens that they need to change their ways.

The statement echoes sentiments currently prevalent in liberal Washington circles, such as the “Green New Deal” legislation that would make a public works job program building “clean” energy plants. Critics point out that it’s impossible to achieve “net zero” carbon emissions or refuse to use any fossil fuels.

OPEC, led by Saudi Arabia, announced it would slash 1.16 million barrels of oil a day from its usual production run. A similar Russian group said it was shaving half a million barrels a day from its output.

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