Biden Campaign to Get $75 Million From SuperPAC

( – Only one day after President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris announced their 2024 presidential campaign, the campaign got news of a big windfall coming its way.

The SuperPAC (a very large political action committee fund) Priorities USA announced that it would spend $75 million to help re-elect Biden and Harris. The PAC will spend most of that money in states that are seen as “up for grabs,” including Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. 

Priorities USA executive director Danielle Butterfield told Politico, “It is essential to remind voters of what’s at stake in 2024 and to do so online,” when asked how the money would be spent. A press release from the group said it would spend money on “digital mobilization” and “persuasion programming”, though it is unclear what these terms might mean. Priorities USA said it hopes this will have a “coattail effect” for Democratic Senators in battleground states. 

The issues the group wants to focus on are Democrat mainstays such as abortion, environmental activism, the cost of health insurance, and the overall economy.

The Biden-Harris campaign started the big spending on April 26th with a six-figure advertising blitz. 

Priorities USA counts among its biggest donors former NY mayor Michael Bloomberg, hedge fund executive Donald Sussman, the Senate Majority PAC (affiliated with Majority Leader Chuck Schumer), and billionaire investor George Soros’ Democracy PAC. In 2020, the PAC took in about $140 million, almost all of which was spent in support of Biden and Democrats in hotly contested Senate races.

The group was founded in 2011.

Biden and Harris may have an uphill battle, as both are entering the race with low approval ratings. One survey by the group FiveThirtyEight puts Biden’s job-approval rating at about 42 percent. A recent NBC news poll found that 3 of 4 likely voters do not want Joe Biden to take a second run at the presidency. 

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