Biden Approves $60 Million Aid For Bridge Collapse

( – Joe Biden, President of the United States, has approved a sixty million dollar aid package that would help support the cleanup and reconstruction of the Francis Scott Key Bridge.

Just last week the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed due to a cargo ship hitting it. The cargo ship was traveling the Baltimore waters when they lost power twice, which made them go off track and hit a pillar of the bridge, resulting in a complete collapse into the water.

The Federal Highway Administration said that it would have “quick release” funds that would help to rebuild the bridge within hours of receiving the request. Biden spoke out saying that the government should “move heaven and earth” to get the bridge rebuilt.

Pete Buttigieg, the US Transportation Secretary, said in response to the tragedy, “No one will ever forget the shocking images of a container vessel striking the Francis Scott Key Bridge, causing its collapse and the tragic loss of six people.”

“The federal emergency funds we’re releasing today will help Maryland begin urgent work, to be followed by further resources as recovery and rebuilding efforts progress. President Biden has been clear: The federal government will do everything it takes to help rebuild the bridge and get the Port of Baltimore back open,” he continued.

Maryland Governor Wes Moore said that there is a “Very long road ahead” to recover from the collapse. Experts are looking into how they must remove thousands of tons of steel from the ship and begin cleanup to repair the bridge as fast as possible.

Right now authorities are focusing on removing all debris in order to find the missing people’s bodies believed to be trapped in their vehicles underwater.

The ship, the Dali, is as long as the Eiffel Tower, so removing the whole bridge off of it is a huge project and that’s not even touching the surface of repair. According to Federal officials, they have said that the total amount needed to repair the bridge is around two billion dollars.

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