Biden Administration Announces Another $1.2 Billion In Military Aid for Ukraine

( – The Biden administration approved a new military aid package of $1.2 billion for Ukraine on Tuesday, May 9th, bringing the total since the war with Russia began to $36.9 billion.

A Pentagon spokesperson said: “The Department of Defense (DoD) has today announced a new security assistance package to bolster the steadfast U.S. support for Ukraine, and to sustain its air support and artillery ammunition needs.” 

The military equipment will be purchased from defense contractors via a fund known as the USAI (Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative). This means that it will not come out of existing US military stocks as it has in the past.

Documents allegedly leaked from the Pentagon in recent months have warned that Ukraine’s air defense munitions have been running low and that the ability to protect front-line troops from Russian aerial attack would be virtually non-existent within the next two to three weeks.

There are reports that Ukraine has been attempting to mount a counter-offensive against Russian forces over recent months, but the indications are that the Ukrainian military is still not yet ready.

Petr Pavel, the Czech President, who recently met with Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the President of Ukraine, said, “Apparently, the Ukrainians still have a feeling that they do not have everything to start successfully an operation,”  

He added: “If this counter-offensive fails, it will be extremely harmful to Ukraine because they will not have another chance – at least not this year.”

“It’s extremely demanding in terms of combining ammunition logistics, personnel, equipment, and fuel financing. There is only the window of opportunity for one chance this year, so the counter-offensive has to be successful,” he said.

Many observers in the West regard Ukraine as the victim of unprovoked aggression by Russia, but few are asking the question of how and why the Biden administration has fanned the flames of war by encouraging a state rife with militia groups of corrupt ultra-nationalists and neo-Nazis to flourish and encroach on the borders of Russia. This is a deeply complex and nuanced issue – something the Biden administration seems to ignore as they continue to pump billions into the war machine.

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