Biden Admin Goes Over Parents’ Heads with Teen Education

( – As part of National Adolescent Health Month, the Biden administration has been promoting a program of government-funded teams to usurp the place of parents when it comes to the discussion of reproductive health information and other mature topics.

However, this is not just a case of providing independent and transparent advice to young teenagers who may be curious about things that their parents haven’t yet told them about, possibly because those parents have made a judgment that their child is not yet of age (in terms of their emotional development) to handle that information in a responsible way.

This is something far more sinister – children are being encouraged, effectively by strangers, to keep such discussions secret and not to let their parents know the content of those discussions, or even that the discussions have been taking place.

As part of a program that flies in the face of everything that young children are normally taught in order to keep them safe as they are growing up – “Don’t talk to strangers” for example, the official guidelines for the government-funded teams advise them to conduct the discussions in a parked car or in other secluded spots, so that parents are unable to hear what the adults – strangers – are saying to them.

To add to the cloak-and-dagger nature of the program, the guidelines further suggest that when conducting a telephone conversation with the young teenager, the adult should ask them whether they are alone in the room, or whether they are having a difficult time getting a parent out of earshot. One team member, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that “some parents might not be totally on board with the information that is being imparted to the child without their permission.”

The emphasis on totally excluding parents comes at the same time that the Biden administration is fighting a lawsuit that would give parents a statutory right to know if and when the government is effectively enabling their child to engage in underage sexual activity.

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