Ben Shapiro Takes Aim at Candace Owens

( – Conservative media figures Ben Shapiro and Candace Owens, known for their commentary and differing perspectives on various issues, were recently involved in a disagreement over their views on the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Shapiro, the co-founder of The Daily Wire, expressed criticism in a viral TikTok video about Owens’ opinions on the ongoing conflict. In the video, Shapiro, a vocal supporter of Israel, called into question Owens’ remarks, describing her commentary on the Israel-Hamas conflict as ‘disreputable’ due to perceived inaccuracies.

In response to Shapiro’s critique, Owens, a commentator known for her conservative viewpoints, posted a cryptic tweet quoting Biblical verses about peace and persecution. The tweet suggested discord between the two media personalities and hinted at their differing interpretations of the Hamas-Israeli war.

The disagreement between Shapiro and Owens emerged amid their professional differences over the Israel-Hamas conflict, marking a rare public rift between the two prominent conservative commentators. Owens appeared on a segment of Tucker Carlson’s show, calling Shapiro’s criticisms as “ad-hominem attacks” that she couldn’t engage with on an intellectual level.

While the public exchange of opinions is atypical between Shapiro and Owens, both have previously held varying stances on political issues, including disagreements over the Covid-19 vaccine and geopolitical conflicts. Their professional disagreements have attracted attention from other conservative media personalities such as Charlie Kirk and Lauren Chen, who have shared their views on social media platforms.

The recent public spat underscores the diversity of perspectives within conservative media circles, showcasing their varying opinions on crucial global affairs.

The spat between two prominent conservative commentators is just one example of a growing political rift in the US among the broader general public. Since the October 7 Hamas attack on Israel, Americans have been sorting themselves generally into two camps, with some sympathetic to Israel while others believe Hamas’ actions against the Jewish state are warranted.

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