Bail Fund Recommended by Vice President Springs Arsonist Free

( – A far-left organization that pays cash bail to poor suspects in order to free them from jail has been found to have sprung an accused arsonist twice.

And on Sunday, April 30th, that man, Jackie Rahm Little, was again arrested and charged with arson. He is accused of setting fires to two Minneapolis mosques and of spray-painting graffiti on the front door of U.S. House Democrat Ilhan Omar. 

Court records indicate Little, 36, has a history of untreated mental problems. He was also arrested on suspicion of setting a neighbor’s car on fire in 2021. 

The Minnesota Freedom Fund (MFF) is the nonprofit that pays bail. The fund has twice paid cash bail that allowed Little to be freed from jail before trial. MFF describes its mission as putting an end to “discriminatory, coercive, and oppressive jailing.” In remarks given to a local newspaper, the fund said it condemns “harm” against “people,” but especially “harm that is based on identity.” It is not clear whether MFF recognizes that people are sometimes arrested for violent crimes, not for their “identity.”

The MFF caught the eye of Vice President Kamala Harris in 2020, who enthusiastically recommended that Americans donate to it. During the summer of 2020, riots broke out in American cities led by Democrats. Rioters were protesting the killing of George Floyd, a Minneapolis resident who was killed in police custody. A gruesome video of the incident quickly spread like wildfire online, resulting in outrage, particularly from the left. Police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted of Floyd’s murder. 

Rioters set government buildings on fire, and in cities like Seattle, completely took over entire sections of cities. Amid the violence, Vice President Harris took to Twitter to urge Americans to donate to the Minneapolis Freedom Fund to help “those protesting on the ground.” She did not remark on the violence, nor did she appear to discriminate between protestors and violent rioters. 

Minneapolis police chief Brian O’Hara called the recent mosque fires “incredibly inhumane.”

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