Australian McDonald’s Burger Coming To America?!

London, United Kingdom - June 2, 2011 : McDonald's yellow and red logo advertising sign placed on a pole with a clear blue sky with copy space

( – A McDonald’s Australian staple is making its way to the American McDonald’s menu and people are excited.

McDonald’s just released that they would be serving their Double Big Mac in the States starting January 24. This popular burger has been seen on Australian menus for a while now, but it is a new limited edition offer for the States. The Double Big Mac comes with four of the McDonald’s beef patties, their infamous Big Mac sauce, and all of the other ingredients you’d normally find on a Big Mac burger from McDonalds.

The new burger won’t be a permanent menu item here in America but it’s here to stay for a limited time. In Australia though, this burger is a staple on their menus and has been for a few years now.

Americans have been quick to speak out about how they feel concerning the announcement of the new burger, especially since it’s been shared across social media on many different platforms. Americans seem to be split on whether or not they are in support of the new burger. Some people are excited about it while others seem more disgusted. One American said, “I’m gonna eat one of those, then feel disgusting after, but I bet I’ll enjoy every minute,” talking about the Double Big Mac.

Others spoke about how they couldn’t wait, while some brought up the fact that America, where obesity is such a huge issue with many battling eating problems and America’s increasingly fatty food intake, should not get such a gluttonous burger.

Some people said things like, “Are they going to call it the heart attack Mac?” and “Yes because we need to get fatter thanks,” in response to the new Double Big Mac coming to America.

The Double Big Mac burger has 680 calories and could cost a whopping $20, after an increase in McDonald’s prices. One U.S. McDonald’s branch already charges about $18 for a Big Mac combo meal, so we could see this meal price exceeding $20.

Australians can buy many McDonald’s classics in double versions such as the “Double Quarter Pounder,” “Double McChicken,” and the Double Filet-O-Fish.” So although this is not a common thing in America, besides the Double Quarter Pounder, we may end up seeing an increase in the “Doubles” in America following this trend.

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