Atlanta is Split Between Trump and Biden Amid Elections

( – Joe Biden and Donald Trump will take part in a debate in Atlanta as the city is again in the middle of the U.S. political universe. The question stands on which candidate will be able to influence the Atlanta voters or if Atlanta will be the one to sway the election results in itself.

Elections in Georgia have been a huge part of politics since 2018, and it has been a swing state with the most power in the elections. Georgia’s 2020 election was turned by just a hair, but this year Georgia has more significance than ever.

Kamala Harris was sent to the city multiple times this year by the Biden Administration as a sign of Democratic anxiety about losing black voters in a predominantly black city. Trump’s relationship with Atlanta is less positive and it’s not decided yet if Trump will make an appearance back in the city. Atlanta is where Donald Trump took his infamous mug shot photo and the jail that he was taken to is not far from where he and Biden will hold their next debate.

Bem Joiner, an Atlanta cultural critic and creative consultant spoke out about the debate. “All I can see coming out of this is memes,” said Bem Joiner.

Joiner continued, “I think it is what it is with this race. I cannot see questions being answered in a way that changes the mind of anyone at this point, with these two people. You can only, maybe, do something to fuck it up more for you.”

The debate will take place in an empty room as both candidates will be drilled by CNN representatives Jake Tapper and Dana Bash. The debate’s change of pace and more private setting could mean that there are fewer difficulties when it comes to the reputation of the candidates and what they are promising.

Atlanta’s reputation when dealing with Donald Trump has been rocky since the beginning as Trump has repeatedly attacked their political leaders and continued to talk negatively about the area. This makes this debate particularly interesting as Trump will be visiting a city that isn’t necessarily fond of him.

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