Asa Hutchinson Responds to IRS Whistleblower Complaint Against Biden

( – Asa Hutchinson, the former Governor of Arkansas who has recently stepped up as a Republican candidate for the 2024 presidential elections, spoke about the bombshell allegations concerning Hunter Biden and the IRS whistle-blowers at the Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference. Hutchinson is a former federal prosecutor, and he said that there were many more questions that needed to be answered. He said that the allegations were “troubling.”

One of the IRS whistle-blowers, Gary Shapley, claimed to have information that would incriminate Attorney General Merrick Garland and the Department of Justice (DOJ). He implied that there had been unwarranted political interference in the investigation of Hunter Biden in regard to matters of tax evasion and tax fraud, and that evidence that would normally have resulted in a prosecution for several felonies had been ignored or suppressed. This, he said, could be laid directly at the feet of the DOJ. His evidence was allegedly corroborated by another, unnamed whistle-blower.

Hutchinson said that he was concerned about the length of time it had taken to investigate the charges against Hunter Biden. During that time, much more evidence has come to light, and all of it points toward Hunter Biden having been involved not only with tax evasion and fraud but also the accepting of enormous bribes from foreign officials in China and Ukraine in return for political influence.

Hutchinson called for more transparency, saying that justice had not only to be done, but it also had to be seen to be done, and that allegations of DOJ political interference – which, if true, had to have been authorized at the highest level – should be thoroughly investigated and any wrongdoing should result in criminal prosecutions for all involved.

Hutchinson was asked if he would appoint a Special Counsel if he were elected President in 2024, but he said that he hoped the matter would be resolved by then.

Hunter Biden’s defense team has been forced to confirm that there is “some truth” to the allegations.

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