Arizona Senate Advances Measure to Allow Them to Arrest Migrants Illegally Crossing the Border

( – Arizona senators approved a ballot measure that would give local law enforcement the authority to arrest people who have illegally crossed into the country.

The proposal would make it a state crime for illegal immigrants to enter Arizona from Mexico anywhere other than a port of entry. This would also allow state judges to push those convicted with up to six months in jail for the first offense and they will be sent back to their country of origin after completing their prison time.

In the United States, it’s already illegal at the federal level to enter the country unauthorized, but supporters of the law say the government isn’t dealing with the crisis so local law enforcement should be able to step in.

Arizona Senate GOP posted on X saying, “Democrat legislators, Katie Hobbs and Joe Biden are failing Arizona. We share your concern. You will have the opportunity to take border security matters into your own hands this November with the Secure the Border Act.”

Supporters have also said that the immigrants entering Arizona are committing identity theft and are taking advantage of public benefits.

Democratic Gov Katie Hobbs, who opposes the law, said it “will kill-jobs(sic), make it harder for law enforcement to keep us safe, and will vilify communities of color.” “We will continue to work tirelessly to ensure a safe, secure & humane environment at the border to fix the crisis on our hands, but this referral is not the answer,” she continued.

The law was revised after the fact to say that the law would not affect those who had entered the state prior to the law taking place.

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