Are Migrants Creating a Crime Pattern?

Lviv, Ukraine - March 7, 2022: Ukrainian refugees on Lviv railway station waiting for train to escape to Europe

( – We’ve recently seen the surge of migrants through borders into the United States, specifically from the Southern border. Large cities like New York City and Atlanta have been experiencing an influx of migrants and one Mayor is beginning to see a trend with the crimes happening in their city.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams said in a conference on Tuesday that he did notice a pattern of robberies done by migrants. He called this a “robbery pattern” and admitted that there were migrants who had committed crimes since coming to NYC.

He follows this by saying, “There are people who are committing crimes in all walks of life. It’s not just migrants and asylum seekers.” Pushing that everyone has committed crimes including both New Yorkers and migrants who traveled to New York.

“I think that we have a number of migrants who have committed crimes. We have a number of non-migrants who are committing crimes,” he continued.

He continued, saying that he didn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea here and that yes, migrants did cause crime, but so did the people of New York who were not migrants. He then continued to talk about the “robbery pattern” that they saw in the crimes and said that they did find that some migrants were participating in the robbery pattern.

Adams blamed a bit of it on the city itself saying, “But remember what I said last week. You place a person in an environment where they can’t provide for themselves or work. They have to just sit around all day. That’s not a good scenario.”

He is saying that people are left to do what they have to do in a city where they cannot provide for themselves. The increase in migrants can have an expected impact on a lot of other outside effects, including crime in certain areas.

New York is expecting to see another surge of migrants over the coming months, which seems to be pushing Adams to seek out more support and much-needed resources.

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