Apple Lays Off Hundreds of Employees in First Layoff Wave

( – Apple has officially started their first large round of layoffs post-pandemic. The giant tech company has announced that they’d be laying off six hundred employees in California.

This isn’t the first that we’ve heard of layoffs from Apple as they previously told these employees in multiple offices about the upcoming layoffs that would be solidified at the end of May. The workers are from eight different offices in Santa Clara, but the specific departments have not been identified.

At the beginning of the year, Apple announced that they would be halting their multi-billion dollar plans to build an electric vehicle. This prompted executives to tell their employees that they were pivoting towards artificial intelligence instead.

Apple was originally planning to build an electric vehicle and a fully self-driving car, but after issues with missing deadlines, staff turnover, and being unable to produce a working product, the electric vehicle was canceled. The iPhone maker told employees that layoffs were expected and that this section of Apple would be phased out.

Apple is not the first technology company to slash roles and departments as we’ve seen many others such as Microsoft, Amazon, and others lay off many people as well. There has been a huge surge in layoffs since the COVID-19 pandemic and many businesses announced layoffs early on in the year and at the end of last year.

The push towards artificial intelligence and changing business direction has made many companies lay off different sections of their company to make room for the addition of an AI sector. In addition to these factors, companies are also looking to cut costs where possible post-pandemic.

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