Apple Closes Loophole That Allows Children to Bypass Parental Controls

( – Apple has announced that they promise to fix a loophole that allows children to bypass their restrictions and view adult content online. This loophole has been a problem now for years and Apple is finally addressing it.

The bug allowed children to get around controls by entering nonsense phrases into the search bar of Safari. It was first reported to the company three years ago and has remained unfixed. However, a Wall Street Journal report drew attention to the problem again.

The loophole disables the company’s screen time Parental Control system for Safari, which allows children who are supposed to be locked down from the web to access anything they want. Many have said that this is one prime example proving how the company doesn’t care about the parent’s wishes.

Mark Jardine, an iOS developer, said, “As a parent who heavily relies on Screen Time to keep my kids safe and prevent them from staring at a screen all day, I agree that the whole service is super buggy, feels like an afterthought, and there seem to be loopholes around everything.”

Screen Time, when launched, was supposed to be for two things, which included helping parents keep tabs on the amount of screen time their child is using, and it would help adults to be more mindful of their screen time as well.

Not long after the launch, Apple pushed out third-party companies who tried to do the same thing on the grounds that these third-party apps could access data from people to perform the same tasks. However, this has led critics to say that Apple has neglected its parental controls.

“I’ve heard from plenty of other parents who’ve found Screen Time frustrating and full of loopholes. And this is after Apple started pruning third-party parental control apps from its iOS store,” said Dan Moren, an Apple blogger.

Apple came out with a statement saying, “We take reports of issues regarding Screen Time very seriously and have been consistently making improvements to ensure users have the best experience.” They continued, “Our work is not done and we will continue to make updates in upcoming software releases.”

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