Another Jan. 6 Rioter Has Been Charged

( – While other cases related to the January 6th Capitol riot are wrapping up, another is just beginning. The husband of a Jan. 6 defendant was identified by her ex after seeing viral pictures posted by the FBI and he now faces the same charges.

In the photos, Jennifer Inzunza Vargas Geller is wearing a pink beret beside her then-boyfriend, now-husband, Spencer Geller who was identified after Vargas Geller’s ex-boyfriend recognized her in the images released by the FBI. Vargas Geller was identified first by her ex in May.

Geller and Vargas Geller (nicknamed the “Pink Beret”) went to Washington, D.C., together on Jan 6. When they got to the Capitol building, the two split up and Vargas Geller eventually ended up inside the building while her husband remained outside on the grounds.

So-called “Sedition Hunters,” online amateur detectives who have made a hobby of identifying Jan. 6 participants, have long been interested in finding “Pink Beret.” Such hobbyists have aided the FBI in identifying and tracking down hundreds of protesters from that day, many of whom have not been arrested.

It wasn’t until the agency decided to tweet the photos of Vargas Geller that the mystery of “Pink Beret” was solved. Her ex identified Vargas Geller while standing in line at a store and his friend showed him the pictures with his phone. After he reported her to the FBI, she was charged on May 8 with multiple misdemeanors but wasn’t arrested due to being out of the country.

According to the affidavit for Geller’s case, one tipster believes the couple is traveling in Japan. The online sleuths have dug up photos and videos indicating the couple has a baby and may be living in Asia.

July was an active month for news related to Jan 6. Ray Epps, the man caught on camera encouraging protesters to enter the Capitol, is now suing Fox News Network for perpetuating the conspiracy theory that he’s an undercover FBI agent. And the infamous Q-Anon Shaman is requesting to have his guilty plea reversed in court.

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