All You Have to Do for Free “Worldcoin” Is Let Them Scan Your Eyes

( – Would you scan your eyes into a database for money and a “digital identity?” That’s exactly what thousands are signing up for in Europe with the rollout of Worldcoin.

The cryptocurrency company Worldcoin is scanning peoples’ eyes with a machine called “The Orb.” In exchange for their data, participants are given a “digital identity” and some Worldcoin cryptocurrency. The creators are pitching Worldcoin as “a new identity and financial network” intended to be owned by everyone on the planet. And they intend to scan the eyes of everyone, if possible, which is part of their stated goal.

They believe this would “drastically increase economic opportunity,” and most importantly, perhaps, create a “reliable solution” for being able to tell the difference between artificial intelligence (AI) and actual human beings. They say privacy would still be preserved.

The statement also claims it would assist in the democratic process globally, and lead to a “potential path” to Universal Basic Income (UBI) funded by AI.

AI is a subject the world is now being forced to contend with as software like ChatGPT becomes more popular and developers are popping up everywhere. It’s changing the art world, graphic design, writing, and the world at large.

Congress is discussing it. The White House is discussing it. And Elon Musk is also warning developers to take a break and make sure the correct guidelines are in place.

Many of the same concerns have been said about cryptocurrency, and there are legitimate concerns about the push for a central bank digital currency, which would enact control upon the populace that is complete. But throwing AI into the mix may make things dangerous even for the bankers.

The concept and creation of cryptocurrency and digital assets have been developing for over a decade. Before Worldcoin, the idea of verifying your digital identity was already being discussed among crypto and NFT (non-fungible token) developers as being tied to a crypto wallet and a string of code.

The idea of scanning one’s eyes and putting that information into a single database with a string of code seems to be where many people feel humanity should be heading, while others may find it to be the stuff of a dystopian nightmare.

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