Air Force Vet Challenges George Santos

Air Force Vet Challenges George Santos

( – George Santos, one of the newest Republicans in the US House, will face a primary challenge next year from an Air Force veteran who served 8 years in Afghanistan. Kellen Curry announced his run for Santos’ seat in New York’s third Congressional district, saying he quit his day job to take on a “new mission.”

Political observers were surprised recently when Santos announced that he’d run again for a second term in office in 2024. Shortly after taking office, Santos was forced to try to account for a string of lies he apparently told about his background, his family heritage, his education, and his income.

Santos claimed his family fled persecution in the Holocaust, though records show his family is Catholic, and his grandparents were not born until World War II ended. He has also claimed to have college degrees from institutions that say they have no record of his attendance.

None of the answers Santos has supplied have directly addressed the accusations against him, many of which come from fellow Republicans. Instead, he uses sarcasm, saying that “liberals on Twitter are triggered” while he’s busy doing important Congressional work.

A New York Times investigation found evidence that Santos created most of his backstory out of whole cloth. At least one college confirmed to Fox News that Santos never attended the college despite his claims.

Challenger Kellen Curry is trying to position himself as Santos’ opposite, taking aim at the Congressman’s lies. Curry said Santos had “audacity” and wondered how people like Santos get elected. Curry said he doesn’t know the answer, but if elected, he’ll make sure “it doesn’t happen again.”

Santos filed paperwork with the Federal Elections Commission recently. This does not mean he will definitely run for office, but the filing is required of all potential candidates who reach a certain fundraising threshold. It is unclear whether Santos will actively campaign for re-election.

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