Adult Migrants Living in Public School Gyms? Deal With It, Says NYC Mayor

( – Parents who may be concerned about the safety of their children will just have to deal with the housing of increasing numbers of illegal immigrants in the gyms of their children’s public schools, says New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D).

Mayor Adams has ignored basic safeguarding and security issues by converting a number of public school gyms into shelters for illegal immigrants while school children are attending classes on the same premises.

Outraged parents and schoolchildren have protested outside some of the schools where Mayor Adams has started housing the illegal immigrants. Many of them held placards saying that while they have sympathy for migrants, putting unvetted adult males into close proximity with schoolchildren is a recipe for disaster in safeguarding terms.

However, Mayor Adams has shrugged off the protests and has told parents that there is no alternative to the arrangements he has put in place and that they will just have to deal with the newly arrived illegal immigrants sharing school campus facilities with young children.

Mayor Adams warned that not only public school gyms but “every other city service” that is currently meant for New Yorkers will be affected by the seemingly never-ending waves of illegal immigrants arriving in the sanctuary city. He defended that policy, saying that New York has been a sanctuary city for over 40 years.

Over 65,000 border crossers and illegal aliens have been sent to New York City by border state governors since the spring of 2022. The cost to New Yorkers, by the end of next year, is expected to hit $4 billion.

The concept of “sanctuary cities” refers to municipalities that do not cooperate with the federal government when it comes to enforcing immigration laws. Their policies include a prohibition on city employees or law enforcement questioning people about their immigration status. Five years ago, it was estimated by the Federation for American Immigration Reform that sanctuary policies had been adopted by over 564 U.S. states and municipalities.

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