A Look Into Students Graduating Debt-Free

(VitalNews.org) – With graduation around the corner, many students have found themselves in a pinch due to the amount of student loan debt that they are walking away with. Robert F. Smith pledged to pay the student loans for everyone in their graduating class and here’s a look at how it affected student’s lives.

Freddie Williams Jr. is one student who was faced with the stressors that come with massive student loan debt following graduation. Williams said, “That’s when, you know, it started really kicking in – hey, this is how much you owe, you’re gonna have to start paying this back.”

Williams Jr. had a dream of going to Morehouse, a historically Black college in Atlanta, but the debt that would come from attending this college was a huge stressor for him. “Once I got accepted and saw that, hey, the money is being offered,” he said, “I didn’t have an idea of what I was really getting myself into.”

“It was crazy, you know? To look back and see my parents in the stands crying and celebrating. That’s when I knew like, okay, this is big,” he said.

He stated that the debt forgiveness for his hundred thousand dollar loan was a “tremendous weight lifted” off of him.

The total student debt is now almost two trillion dollars and experts have said that this is preventing many younger people from buying homes or starting families.

Filmmakers Joshua Reed and Emani Rashad Saucie, who were a part of the graduating class of 2019, are doing a documentary on debt relief for the students and their gratitude to be able to graduate without the stress of student loans.
Said Reed, “I think only now, as we get five years out, people realize the implication of what having no loans is.” He continued, “You can buy a house right after graduation, which people we’ve interviewed did. Someone started a nonprofit to get Black and Brown students into tech. Someone became a family man.”
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