A Look Into Russia’s “Space Nuke”

Concern over Russia's Space Weapon?!

(VitalNews.org) – There has been some tension between Washington and Moscow as the potential risk of a space-based nuclear weapon has caused concern.

The spat between the two has made many others worried as the United States has claimed that Russia has or is building a space-based nuclear weapon that could attack satellites and cause communications issues on Earth. Russia has denied all claims from the United States and instead, they’ve said that this is the United States’ way of getting lawmakers to pass a bill for aid to Ukraine.

A Reuters report was sent out on Tuesday that cited a source saying that the United States believes that Moscow is developing a “space nuke” and continued to talk about the harmful effects it could cause like wiping out communications including military and mobile phone services.

The very first alarming statement we got regarding Russia was when Mike Turner, the U.S. House Intelligence Committee Chairman, revealed that there was a “serious national security threat” related to Russia and he demanded that Biden release all information regarding it so that they can prepare.

Joe Biden spoke out after the accusations saying that Moscow is building an anti-satellite weapon and that it had no “nuclear threat” but that he hoped Russia would not deploy it. Following this, a source spoke out saying that the space-based weapon could be launched as early as this year.

Analysts spoke out saying that a weapon like this could cause “indiscriminate damage” and it could cause problems for many systems that people use every day such as GPS, banking, and weather services.

“Space nukes” are classified as weapons that are sent into space in order to destroy satellite services which could be used to disrupt military communications or disable civilian telecoms. Essentially, many experts are saying that if deployed, it would be omnidirectional, meaning it wouldn’t affect just one place or country, but everyone here on Earth.

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