A Gold Rush For Hydrogen Is Underway Across the Globe?!

(VitalNews.org) – A gold rush for a resource that could help push us away from fossil fuels has commenced. Hydrogen has been an overlooked resource for years now but it’s the key ingredient to pushing us further away from fossil fuels.

Geologic Hydrogen which can often be called white gold, or natural hydrogen is the natural gas that’s found underneath the Earth’s surface. Hydrogen has already been looked at as an energy source, but acquiring it requires using fossil fuels like natural gas or coal and this is what emits greenhouse gasses.

There is another process called Green hydrogen, and that’s when Hydrogen is split from water using renewable electricity, however, the development of this method is stagnant.

With the knowledge of Geologic Hydrogen and the potential it has to eliminate fossil fuels, many countries have begun exploring the options, and there are official projects in place in the United States, Spain, Canada, France, South Korea, and other countries.

Research that was published just recently showed that over 40 different companies were actively searching for geologic hydrogen from last year. A consulting firm called this excavation for hydrogen a “white gold rush” but said that acquiring it would definitely be a game-changer for transitioning to clean energy.

“I would say this is something relatively old and new in a way,” said Minh Khoi Le of Rystad Energy.

She continued, “The first project that found hydrogen was a while ago, but it never picked up from there, right? People never seriously tried to go for exploration.”

Initially, geologic hydrogen was discovered accidentally years ago in the 80s when people attempted to drill into Canada’s Hydroma for water and instead hit a pocket of gas that was deemed to be highly flammable, almost twenty years later they looked back into it and now this powers the Malian village of Bourakébougou.

The newest finding in France where the discovery of the largest hydrogen deposit was found has prompted this renewed push into research for cleaner energy using this hydrogen resource.

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