6 Chinese Balloons Flew Through Taiwan

(VitalNews.org) – Taiwan has recently stated that they spotted six Chinese balloons flying through their airspace and over their island. They also said that both Chinese warships and navy ships were detected as well.

These balloons have been seen frequently and have been spotted traveling across the East, although there has not been much clarification as to what exactly these Chinese balloons are or what their purpose is. Not many even know if these balloons have any military function or purpose, but Taiwan is looking at it as harassment.

Leading up to Taiwan’s presidential election, we’ve seen Chinese balloons floating over Taiwan, and they suggested that this is harassment due to their past relationship with China and the upcoming election. They have received threats from China as they attempt to solidify their independence, and even though these balloons have not been determined as a necessary threat, Taiwan is taking it that way.

These Chinese balloons have even made their way to the United States. Just last year, Biden expressed concern that the United States needs better ways to track and identify unknown aerial objects, as the United States had spotted a Chinese Spy balloon floating across the country, causing huge concerns throughout the public and the government.

The United States said that it was a military craft, so they shot it down and claimed to have found “sophisticated surveillance equipment.” China, however, said that it was not a military balloon and that it was simply a weather balloon, but many didn’t believe the Chinese or their claims.

China has been implementing tactics like this for a while now; they call them their “gray area tactics” intended to cause concern and fear in their enemies without fully engaging in conflict. This has been used as a tactic that blurs the lines between civilian and military practices, where they can “prove themselves” to not be using military tactics, even though it seems covered up.

This has sparked many concerns in various countries, in particular both Taiwan and the United States.

With this being said, Taiwan stated that they had spotted four Chinese warplanes and four navy ships around Taiwan, among the Chinese balloons that they spotted as well.

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