1 in 10 College Graduates “Idling” After Graduation

(VitalNews.org) – The class of 2020 was one class that dealt with several changes amid their final year, dealing with changes brought on by the pandemic. Students who were finishing up school during the COVID-19 pandemic graduated and then were thrown into a difficult economy post-pandemic.

Four years later only over sixty percent of graduates are working in a career or are obtaining further education. With this said, ten percent of those graduates, or one in ten students, were “idling,” which meant they were not going back to school and they did not have any sort of career.

Hannes Schwandt, associate professor of human development and social policy at Northwestern University said, “The economic conditions at your labor market entry point matter a lot.”

“In general, when recessions come and economic conditions worsen, companies stop hiring before they start firing, they hire fewer people,” he said. “That means that people who are entering the labor market are impacted almost more than other parts of the labor market.”

According to research, although the small recession that followed the pandemic, students could have a hard time catching up. This is comparable to those who graduated during the Great Recession. Although the post-pandemic recession was nothing compared to the Great Recession, students are expected to take a huge cut when it comes to income and stepping back into a successful career post-recession.

The researchers wrote, “Our findings imply that for a moderate recession that raises unemployment rates by three points, the loss on cumulated earnings is predicted to be on the order of 60% of a year of earnings.”

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